Parking Fury 3 Game

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Parking Fury 3 HTML5

Parking Fury 3

Parking Fury 3

Parking Fury 3 is the sequel to the parking game. In this section, your goal is still to move the cars to the yellow rectangle. This section has a lot more cars, being put in different positions, when you finish one car you start with another. Each vehicle needs to go to a different parking lot and there are already directions to the parking spot. Each guide line is yellow lines or arrows, broken, connected to a yellow rectangle, this is where you need to park your car. Your vehicle must be inside the yellow image, not skewed.
On your side, adjust the vehicles in the right direction and do not crash into anything on the road, be it a car, a tree or a wall … when crashing into one of them, you will be scratched. car and lose part of the star in the upper left corner. You will be given yellow stars, which symbolize your ability to ride, losing all the stars then you lose.
Drive all cars to each parking position to advance to the next level in this game, and earn many yellow stars to get high on the player achievement rankings. At later levels there will be more cars, and also bigger cars, making your travel more difficult, but I believe you will do well.
Driving the car can be very difficult for new players, you need time to practice, adjust the car to your liking.
This game is not limited in time but it requires patience from the player. This game will train your patience very well.
Parking Fury 4 is completely free, for any player of any age, gender, just need you time and effort.

How to play Parking Fury 3

Parking Fury 3 is played using WASD or arrow keys to drive your car. Drive you follow the yellow lines and stop in the yellow square.