Parking Fury 4 Game

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Parking Fury 4 HTML5

Parking Fury 4

Parking Fury 4

Parking Fury 4 you will always find the perfect parking for your car! Replace your position on the driver’s seat and drive your car to the empty spot to park safely. You can control around other cars easily, and park all cars without a scratch on them?
Guide your car, truck and caravan to the right parking spot with only your headlights to light the way. Follow the yellow arrows on the parking lot and make sure you don’t crash into any other cars or scrape paint on the wall.
Park your car in this great park rage game. Try not to hit anything or you will pay for it! Move the car and drive it out of the parking lot. Have fun with parking Fury.
The game is all about escaping into a great illusion about things you can’t do in real life. Like parallel parking. With Parking Fury 3, you can return to the incredible challenges of driving a car to a parked location without being thrown. Each level is quite dark and is only lit by car lights and street lights, so be careful. Every scratch on your car lowers your score. Try to finish every level with 3 full stars!

How to play Parking Fury 4

Turn on your headlights, exit your current space and follow the painted arrows. Use WASD or arrow keys to drive your car. Follow the arrows and stop in the yellow parking space. Be careful not to crash into walls or cars! Once you have parked your car neatly, with all four wheels in the boundary, you can exit the bay and move on to the next one.
Each level has several cars parked, from a car to a trailer truck. You must avoid crashing into cars or other objects to get perfect score