Penguin Diner Game

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Penguin Diner HTML5

Penguin Diner

Penguin Diner

Penguin Diner is an extremely lovely and funny game for those who love the genre of business and management games. You are a restaurant management enthusiast and you want to become a manager, now with the penguin restaurant game, you will turn into an agile manager. In this fun sales game, the appeal is when you make money by looking after your customers.
On a trip to the far Antarctic region, the penguin Penny unfortunately got lost from the crew and penniless, on top of the icy hill. Penny was very sad and worried because she didn’t have the money to return home. Fortunately, the owner of a local restaurant gave her a job as a catering customer to earn money to go home. Please help Penny quickly earn enough money to return home to reunite with family.
Your task in the Penguin Diner game is to serve food and drinks requested by customers to make money.
Use your mouse to move guests to sit at the table, see they order food, drinks, take orders and serve meals. Don’t forget to collect money when they leave. Serve your customers professionally quickly, make them happy and they will keep coming back to the restaurant more and more. Is a fun game, the charisma when you turn into a talented manager, in this game, you have to take care of your customers in the most dedicated way to please customers to please your guests. When playing the game, you can move back and forth between 3 different locations to upgrade the restaurant.

How to play game Penguin Diner

- Use the left mouse button to perform actions in the game.
– Arrange seats for guests, take guests food and collect money when guests leave.
– Pay attention to the time of opening shop until 9 pm and do not make customers angry because they are not well served.
– Satisfying customers by equipping restaurant equipment such as bats, televisions and seats.