Pixels Filling Squares Game

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Pixels Filling Squares HTML5

Pixels Filling Squares

Pixels Filling Squares

Pixels Filling Squares is a more advanced version of the click game. Your goal in this game is to create as many pixels as possible and use it to buy upgrades to improve speed. An arbitrary collection of pixels fills the squares, which means resetting the counters and rebuilding from scratch. Unlock additional pixel blocks, sorted by level to get the base level as high as possible.
When filling in the squares, you get points and you can use these points to buy upgrades and enhancements to your pixel fill operation. There are many upgrades, each of which requires a different amount of money, the more money you make, the better your upgrade will be and it will help you fill in pixels faster. There is an upgrade that will help you automatically fill pixels without using a mouse.
Do you want to be the best player in this game, set the highest achievement to beat other players by participating in this game a lot, pass all levels.
The game has simple graphics combined with simple gameplay that will help players reduce stress very well and suitable for all ages of players.
This game is completely free, does not require any fees to download and play. You can play online or download to play when there is no internet connection. When playing online, you can share with your friends on social networks and save high scores in the global leaderboard.

How to play Pixels Filling Squares

Pixels Filling Squares is played by left-clicking to fill pixels in small squares. The faster you click, the faster the squares will be filled. This is one of the extremely attractive games on our site, in addition to the site there are many other interesting games. Wish you will have fun playing game time.