Plasma Burst Game

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Plasma Burst HTML5

Plasma Burst

Plasma Burst

Plasma Burst – An action shooter! Play as a lone soldier and fight your way through hordes of enemies.
Use arrows to move and click to shoot.
On our planet is about to happen. Scientists have invented a time machine, which sends two volunteers with equipment in the past to change the course of events. One of these volunteers and you have become. However, because teleportation, you understand that this is not the place you should send … And maybe that is not the exact time …
Equip yourself a heavy artillery soldier. Your day has arrived! Blast your way through enemies and make it out of every level alive.

How to play Plasma Burst

Use Arrow / WASD to move.
Use YOUR MOUSE to aim or shoot.
1/2/3 to weapons change.
Press E to use the item.
Press Z to use warping time.
Press X to fall.
Press G to throw grenades.
Eliminate your enemies, and destroy them with powerful plasma guns! Use weapons from the future, and destroy your enemies in space. Launch grenades, and watch the bad guys explode! Stop them from killing you, and go to the destination. Then buy new murder weapon!
And when you kill enemies and complete the level, you will earn some cash. You can use that money to buy new equipment and upgrade your weapons.