Playing With Fire Game

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Playing With Fire HTML5

Playing With Fire

Playing With Fire

Playing With Fire is a very interesting landmine game that is loved by the young community.
You will join together with many other players in a tunnel blocked by blocks. Choose the number of players and the level to start the game, the more players will be the harder and more attractive for you. You can play with your friends or play against computer opponents.
Destroy blocks by placing mines next to them. Destroy the blocks you will receive the weapons or power hidden in them.
At the same time you will lay mines to blow your opponent before they can kill you.
Each player has three lives so they will need to be killed three times to be eliminated, and for you too, when killed three times you will end the game. Each game has a time limit of 3 minutes in place. If you win a game, you score the remaining seconds on the clock multiplied by 250 times the number of opponents in the game, losing a game will cause that score to be deducted from your score.
The landmine game is very interesting, will take you to exciting battles, and it’s completely free so you don’t need to pay for any activities.
This game has a nice interface, exciting sound and interesting features of the characters, so it is very popular with users.

How to play Playing With Fire

Playing With Fire is controlled using the character keys:
Use arrow keys to move, left mouse button to place mines. The game has been loved by many users from all over the world and it has a new version that updates the features to meet the needs of users. If you love this game, you should join regularly play and invite your friends to conquer the game. Wish you will defeat all opponents and become the best players, with the highest score.