Plazma Burst 3 Game

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Plazma Burst 3 HTML5

Plazma Burst 3

Plazma Burst 3

Plazma Burst 3 is the third installment in the popular shooting game. The previous Plazma Burst, Plazma Game 1 and Plazma Burst 2, exploded and became a popular action game.
This section offers a variety of combat and battle scenes similar to Plazma Burst’s previous games. In this sequel, you still survive by killing enemies, having the same mission and of course it offers many other challenges that we have never seen before in previous versions.
In the game, there are many different weapons, which help you deal with enemies better. You can upgrade these weapons into better ones.
The game has two game modes, single player campaign and PVP mode
The single player campaign offers the ability to explore the deep world of Plazma Burst 3. The plot in Plazma Burst 3 is an intriguing story to follow and enjoy. Unexpected events can keep you off guard, so you need to be ready to go
PVP mode allows for interesting encounters with other players. You need skills to master your hero and win over others
This game requires only an Internet connection and a mouse with a keyboard to play on the web browser. You do not need to create any accounts, just enter your username before entering the game.
This shooting game has violent images that are not good for the development of the children so they should not participate in this and similar games.

How to play  Plazma Burst 3

Plazma Burst 3 controls his hero using the mouse and keyboard.
W, A, S, D to move
Left mouse button to shoot
1,2,3 … to change weapons
G to Throw a grenade
E to Use items
P to Time warp
Simple but extremely interesting game will bring you fun and entertaining time. If you like this game, please introduce it to your friends and relatives for them to enjoy.