Pokemon Tower Defense 2 Game

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Pokemon Tower Defense 2 HTML5

Pokemon Tower Defense 2

Pokemon Tower Defense 2

Pokemon Tower Defense 2 is the next version of the famous pokermon tower defense game. You may want to check the original Pokemon Tower Defense, the game before playing the second version. Below you can also see the updates to the current Pokemon tower Defense 2 game.
A few years after saving the world from Mewthree, a new evil threatens to take over the world! It’s up to you to stop this new evil with the help of your pokemon!
Try to defeat the terrible threat to our world by investigating the mystery of Dark Pokemon … As a boy or girl, build your Pokémon team, train them, make them fight and climb levels (up to level 100)
The game requires login for all trading features. It allows you to go to pokemon centers and trade with others.
True to the Pokemon world of Gameboy games and developed by a huge fan (Sam Otero), PTD 2: Generations cleverly blends RPG exploration with tower defense.

How to play Pokemon Tower Defense 2

In this game, you can play combining tower defense with exploring RPG. Catch enemy Pokemon to add them to your team. Then level up for them and bring them into battle. Your Pokemon will evolve and learn to move to level 100.
It is extremely important to pay attention to the health of attacking Pokemon. When their health is low, immediately use your Pokeball to catch them. You will know it is possible when the ball opens. When you successfully capture a creature, add them to a location on the map and they will automatically fight for you. Since the attackers appear in the herd, each additional guard has a number and you will get the maximum number of Pokemon as soon as possible.