Pokemon Tower Defense 3 Game

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Pokemon Tower Defense 3 HTML5

Pokemon Tower Defense 3

Pokemon Tower Defense 3

Pokemon Tower Defense 3: Legacy is the third part of this legendary Pokemon tower defense game. In this game, you have to put your various Pokemon into strategic points to destroy the oncoming enemies.
Your Pokemon friends are in danger The evil terrorist organization threatens them. Protect your Pokemon friends, put them in strategic positions and fight against enemies.
Pokemon Tower Defense 3 is a mix of tower defense genre with RPG style and ball catching game of all games. One thing few people can achieve is like Sam Otero, the talented developer behind Pokémon Tower Defense 3
Between the maps there are animated cutscenes that explain the story behind the game. Also, at that time, you can level up your creatures and switch their attack type. Initially there are 151 Pokemon and you can find them all in this game. Although this game is not difficult, it will appeal to fans of the original video game series.
You can play this game in full screen mode. Sam Otero made this game. Pokemon Tower Defense 3: Legacy was played by 101,463 people and was rated by 397 people with a score of 9.2 out of 10

How to play Pokemon Tower Defense 3

You can use countless different Pokemon like Pikachu, Squirtle and Bulbasaur – each Pokemon has a different and stronger attack against some opponents. The plot is awesome, and tower defense game is fun!
Every Pokemon has experience in battle. When they reach a level, they can get stronger and even acquire special abilities. The balance of money costs, so it is important to prioritize the ones you level up because often you can’t buy every upgrade. Your creature can reach level 100, and at that time, they will become very powerful