Pokémon Tower Defense Game

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Pokémon Tower Defense HTML5

Pokémon Tower Defense

Pokémon Tower Defense

Pokémon Tower Defense is a great defense game of Pokémon. You are the one who goes to recruit Pokémon and train them so they can fight against other Pokémon.
You will walk through the streets, cities, … talk and ask people there about the whereabouts of the Pokémon, when you see them, then recruit them to your round ball. Each type of Pokémon will have a separate battle capacity, the more you collect, the higher your chances of winning.
You will meet other players and battle with their Pokémon army. Then you need to set the battle by placing the Pokémon aside on the path of movement of Pokémon. When the opponent’s Pokémon goes over, your Pokémon will rush out to attack them. Earn lots of Pokémon so you can put a lot on the aisle, so the opponent can’t go over. Or you have to look after the candy, Pokémon boxes so that the enemies won’t come to take away. If it goes to the end of the road or it gets what you’re protecting, you’ll lose.
The enemies will become stronger and faster moving speed, will make it difficult for you to destroy them. If you want to pass all the levels, then you need to put the Pokémon in the right position in the battle, upgrading them to become stronger. When your Pokémon army is strong enough, you can defeat any enemy and conquer this game.
There are many levels in this game, each level will bring its own interesting, unique challenges, participate in each level and win to get more benefits.
The game will bring players many interesting feelings; Moreover with simple gameplay, beautiful images, it is suitable for all types of players.

How to play Pokémon Tower Defense

Pokémon Tower Defense game is very interesting and the gameplay is very simple, Left mouse button to play.