Pop Pop Rush Game

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Pop Pop Rush HTML5

Pop Pop Rush

Pop Pop Rush

Pop Pop Rush: Burst as much of those colorful balloons as you can to gain a high score in this cute POP POP RUSH match-3 puzzle game. Just drag your finger over your mobile screen to connect three or more nearby and they will pop. In Pop Pop Rush you must draw a line between 3 or more of the same balloons. You can move up, down, left, right and even diagonal. There are also bombs that can pop a row or multiple rows.
In Pop Pop Rush you need to be quick and smart. Make a chain of at least 3 same-colored balloons to remove them from the field. The longer your chains, the more points you will get. Use power-ups like the rainbow or bombs to pop even more balloons. Combinations can be made horizontally, vertically or horizontally, making it so easy to raise your score! Try to pop as many balloons as you can before time runs out! Use the bombs to pop entire rows or columns of balloons. The rainbow bubbles will let you switch colors mid-chain, allowing you to make your chains longer than ever! Look out for balloons that double your chain’s score and those that give you more time. These are all opportunities to increase your score! This is a very interesting game and gives you absolute comfort moments after a hard and exhausting day. Any longer hesitates, try your hand at the game now. Wish you luck and win success!

How to play Pop Pop Rush

Tap and drag to connect 3 or more matching balloons