Potty Racers 2 Game

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Potty Racers 2 HTML5

Potty Racers 2

Potty Racers 2

Potty Racers 2 is the second installment of this addictive remote series, developed by Ultimate Flash Game Archive. Welcome back to the Potty Racers series. In Potty Racers 2, you continue to control a naughty stick. Your task is to drive to the toilet and fly as far as possible. The farther a fly flies, the more points you’ll get. However, this time, you will drive your potty on the islands in the middle of the sea.
Potty Racers 2 has many different islands. At the beginning of the game, you can only play in Area 1, you need to complete certain tasks to unlock the remaining islands. You keep pushing the toilet and use it like a cart. You will use a hill as a launch pad and when you reach the top of the hill your car will fly into the sky.
The farther you fly, the more points you get. Besides, you can also do tricks to get more points. Your final score will be based on distance, height and tips. And if you have a safe landing, you get extra points. So you have to keep your balance when you fly. When you have enough money, you can buy equipment in the Store for your next flight.
Potty Racers 2 has many upgrades and equipment for you, such as speeding, smoother deceleration, biofuels, engines, tails, wings, canopies, landing wheels. In addition, you can also buy tips such as loop control, reverse flight, barrel roll, double manipulation … With interesting gameplay and simple graphics, I believe Potty Racers 2 will bring for you interesting moments.

How to play Potty Racers 2

- Right arrow to go
– Arrow L/R to balance
– Space bar to electric motors
– Mum key for tips