Potty Racers Game

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Potty Racers HTML5

Potty Racers

Potty Racers

Potty Racers is a fun, simple, fun racing game, when you have to control a portable toilet, launch it into the air and make sure to land on all four of its wheels to gain distance. as far as possible from the starting point. The further you set the potty from the starting point, the more points you will receive.
When you climb down a hill and launch off a ramp, you must use the arrow keys to maintain balance and try to fly as far away. While in the air, control your flight to land on wheels or face destruction. At the end of each flight you earn cash to spend on custom accessories to increase your machine’s performance. These upgrades include tires, better aircraft and even jets.
In Potty Racers, you must take small steps to improve your distance each day. Choose your upgrades carefully and work towards certain goals. Once you have met certain requirements, you can unlock new levels and areas to fly in.
The eye-catching, lively Potty Racers graphics incorporate a number of interesting little animated effects, including the appearance of a yellow streak left by your potty and a few other things. Can you become a champion potty and send your items soaring into the sky? If you like Potty Racers play now.

How to play Potty Racers

- Right arrow to push your potty
– Left and right arrows to balance
– 12345 to perform the procedure