Pour the Fish Game

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Pour the Fish HTML5

Pour the Fish

Pour the Fish

Welcome to Pour The Fish! Pour The Fish are a fun and funny game, it requires meticulousness and accuracy from you. Here the game will give you a lot of surprises that make it hard for you to react acutely. The aim of the game is simple, your job is to dig tunnels for the water to come to the fish. Each level is more complicated than the previous one but it will not be a problem. Before you start to dig pay attention to where and in which direction the water goes. You’re limited with time so be quick. This puzzle is very addictive because you will really like it. The game is intended for all curates, especially for children. In this lovely physics-based puzzle game you have to pour water to the cute fish. Dig through the muddy ground and move things to direct the liquid flow to the tiddler. Try to fill up the given bottles and earn up to three stars. Dig tunnels in the dirt so that the water will flow to the fish. Each level contains three bottles, which you’re not required to fill with water, but doing so will result in a better score. Keep the water away from thirsty monsters and make sure that the fish are supplied with only clean water.

How to play Pour the Fish

These fish were having a great day until an evil company built a pipe that sucked them into a cavern.
Get them some water, and fast, in this exciting puzzle game.
Click & drag = Dig
Use only your mouse.