Pursuit of Hat 2 Game

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Pursuit of Hat 2 HTML5

Pursuit of Hat 2

Pursuit of Hat 2

The Pursuit of Hat 2 is a fun puzzle platform game that allows players to perform another mission to get back their hats. Your hat has been lost and you need help to retrieve it. In this game, you must help the creature get back his lost hat. Love hats are true love and this game shows how far you are willing to go to get your hat back. There is no hat like it and it is really precious so he is willing to separate parts of the body so that he can become smaller and fit into the tight space in his hat.
In this platformer game, funny creatures will climb, jump, split arms and legs to throw them and overcome obstacles. As the level of the game increases, the difficulty of the game will increase, so you will need to use your head as much as your limbs to go through all of them. You will come across new ways in which tearing your limbs will be more useful than carrying them with you, so don’t be afraid to leave a leg or arm behind.
The game impresses the player by the beautiful color images combined with funny sounds. The Pursuit of Hat 2 is a game you should try to dispel the fatigue and hard work after a long day at work. Get ready and explore the game now?

How to play Pursuit of Hat 2

The pursuit of the new hat has just begun! Use your ability to detach and reattach your limbs to regain your hat at each level. Press arrow keys to move, Space bar to tear body parts, Down arrow to fix them again.