Pursuit of Hat Game

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Pursuit of Hat HTML5

Pursuit of Hat

Pursuit of Hat

Pursuit of Hat is a puzzle platformer in which you play a skinhead character with detachable limbs. Your task in life is to collect hats, climb over walls, and use your arms and legs to get back your hat even if it means sacrificing your own body parts. Use your limbs to weigh buttons and objects, and tear them all out to make yourself smaller so you can move through tight spaces. Remove your hands and feet from even your head and use them to press the switch or make yourself smaller to crawl through small spaces in an attempt to get your sweet hat. Don’t worry if you accidentally pull out a limb because you can always reattach it.
This addictive platform game will make players spend hours perfecting every challenge of the game at every given level. You will have to solve some difficult puzzles and challenges before getting your hat back to the top. Stop worrying too much about your limbs when you can get them back and attach them back to your body. Take your hat to complete each level and find yourself at harder and more challenging levels as you progress in the game. This game has many levels. You can also repeat the whole level if you don’t dream. Show what’s in you and try to do all the levels in this game.

How to play Pursuit of Hat

The control of this game is not too complicated. Players will use the arrow keys to move. Space bar to tear body parts and down arrow to fix them back. Be careful and go through every level in the shortest possible time. Can you do it?