Puzzle Bobble 2 Game

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Puzzle Bobble 2 HTML5

Puzzle Bobble 2

Puzzle Bobble 2

Puzzle Bobble 2 is a brick matching bubble shooting video game originally released in 1995 for the Arcade cabinet system. The game is built on the original Puzzle Bobble game but has many new mechanics as well as a League Style variation. Combine colorful bubbles to break them. Clear the bubble board or beat your opponent in this action-packed and addictive classic game. Join the enemy in a tournament or puzzle action and complete all levels. Earn points by popping balloons and preventing building bubbles and approaching your character.
Puzzle Bobble 2 has two types of games. The first is solving bubble puzzles by clearing the board for a limited time. The second is to fight against other characters in a game of the last stand. Completing a single-player mode opens a code that can be used to unlock new areas! Puzzle Bobble 2 is definitely one of the best bubble arcade games of all time.
With images as well as sound quality is a great plus point for this game. Be smart to break all the balls on the screen in the shortest time to score the highest score and become the best player to win. Are you confident you will score the highest score? Join the game now to try your best!

How to play Puzzle Bobble 2

- Just keyboard to play. Your keyboard will act as a game controller. Press the “Space” key to skip the intro screen. Press the “Enter” key on the title screen. Press the “A” key to start the game.
– Use the Arrow Keys – Move
– Use the Enter – Start
– Use the Space – Select