Puzzle Bobble 3 Game

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Puzzle Bobble 3 HTML5

Puzzle Bobble 3

Puzzle Bobble 3

Puzzle Bobble 3 is the sequel to the exciting previous game Puzzle Bobble 2. Like the previous games, players are tasked with shooting the ball into groups of balls, creating groups of three or more people to break them out of the game screen. After you win a round, you continue with a small question then you start another round.
This game completely abandoned the idea of previous games that the playground was being pushed down by some kind of mechanical device and instead attached bubble groups to the buttons that moved downwards. When a node is no longer connected to any bubbles, it disappears and when all nodes in a level have disappeared, the level is complete. As a result, firing a bubble to the top of the playing field is visible without touching any bubbles that cause it to bounce and go down. Players will not be penalized if such balloons again leave the playing field without attaching to anything (except adding the number of moves until the field is pushed down by an empty line).
The game is more changed by implementing new playgrounds that are many times bigger than the screen and must be conquered as a persistent event. Each moving playground occupies the same space on the world map as the previous five levels. Do you believe that you will conquer this game and become a winner in the shortest time? Try this game now to know your true ability.

How to play Puzzle Bobble 3

Just keyboard to play. Your keyboard will act as a game controller. Use your arrow keys to move the shooter and release the spacebar.