Puzzle Bobble 4 Game

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Puzzle Bobble 4 HTML5

Puzzle Bobble 4

Puzzle Bobble 4

Puzzle Bobble 4 is a game of shooting colored bubbles towards another bubble cluster. When groups of similarly colored bubbles are formed, bubbles burst. The game has a total of 640 levels. Puzzle Bobble 4 will have two new features: pulley system and chain reaction. The pulley system consists of two groups of bubbles attached to both sides of the pulley. Popping some on one side will make that party “lighter” and thus increase. The other side lowers in response. If a pulley is vibrating and a bubble is attached, the heavier results will be lower. This requires additional strategy to prevent one side from moving too far and thus losing the game. A possible strategy is to form a bubble cluster between two pulleys to prevent them from descending or rising. The player can then triangle until they get the bubbles needed to clear both anchor bubbles, while keeping both ends of the pulley together.
When a bubble is dropped, it can move to another place on the board if this causes many bubbles to pop. If this, in turn, causes more bubbles to fall down, then the chain reaction may continue.
The game is designed with images that are simple but show vivid features and traditional attractive gameplay of this favorite multiplayer series that will give players the challenge of agile talent. Tactical thinking full of interesting and unique. Start trying to shoot your shot at each logical strategy with this fun shooting game when taking turns shooting down the balls in very unique and impressive ways.

How to play Puzzle Bobble 4

Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to move and use the spacebar to release.