Rabbit Samurai Game

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Rabbit Samurai HTML5

Rabbit Samurai

Rabbit Samurai

Rabbit Samurai – In this great game, you will be playing as a rabbit samurai and your main goal will be to collect carrots. Rabbits are captured for free, dodging all obstacles coming and going to the end. The game will not be easy. There will be many obstacles to overcome. The game offers simple gameplay and is controlled by the mouse. Hold on to the pieces of wood and take care not to get hit by any spikes because that could mean the game is for you.
Rabbit friends are trapped and it’s up to you to free them.
Follow the trail of carrots, pull yourself through the maze, and use springs and podium to reach your friends.
Can you rescue them all?
Use spider web style spider web to fly on the ground. and show ninja rabbit skills.
With grappling hooks, you can rotate and jump to hidden spots.

How to play Rabbit Samurai

Click play to start. Click or click where you want Samurai to activate the strings. Once the rope is attached to something, it will pull the Samurai to that position. Free the rabbits by colliding with their barn. The level ends when the rabbits reach the finish line.
Click and hold to shoot your hook in any direction. You can also use the WERSDF keys to launch your hook in 6 different directions. Keep holding to pull yourself in. Collect carrots and tap on cages to free trapped animals. Save all 3 animals and arrive at the safety door to clear each stage.
Guide Samurai rabbit to his friend. Choose where the rabbit unleashes its rope so that it can pull itself through the maze. When a rabbit is released, it will follow the samurai rabbit to safety. Mission completed when all rabbits are safe at the end. The more carrots you eat on the way, the better your score will be!