Raft Wars 3 Game

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Raft Wars 3 HTML5

Raft Wars 3

Raft Wars 3

Raft Wars 3 is an addictive and awesome shooting game. To play the amazing run 3 game, the players have to run and jump to pass different levels of obstacles. People remember this game as a game everyone plays at school. Your goal is to knock out each of your opponents using tennis balls or other items that you’ve acquired. Every time you take a turn, they’ll make their aim in response. You must get rid of the pirates before they get rid of Simon and his little brother. Once you’ve beaten the first set of pirates, you can move up to each level which will feature other enemies like Vikings! After each level, you can use your cash to purchase upgrades. Upgrades can get you better tools and rafts to help you defend your treasure in this sea warfare game.
After completing the mission on each level, click on the screen to move to the next level. Between levels, you can collect the awards when you play the raft wars game, and you can also upgrade your character and its weapons by using the money you have earned in the battle. The rocket launcher and its default bullets are tennis balls, but you can upgrade them or replace them by rockets or grenades by the money you earned in the game. Click on the rocket in the left corner to choose what kind of rocket that you want to use. Good luck and have fun guys!

How to Play Raft Wars 3

- Use the left and right arrow keys to move.
– Use Space to jump.
Tips and Tricks:
– When running into another lane, that lane will turn into the floor.
– You can pause/resume/restart, switch aliens and turn the music, sound on/off in the pause menu.