Ragdoll Achievement 2 Game

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Ragdoll Achievement 2 HTML5

Ragdoll Achievement 2

Ragdoll Achievement 2

Ragdoll Ach Achement 2 is the long-awaited sequel to the funny torture game Ragdoll Achievement, in this game you will need to put weapons and items in the room and try harder to harm the Ragdoll characters and unlock all achievements.
Your task in the game Ragdoll Achievement 2 is to complete all the achievements in the game by testing the weapons given on the rag doll. Perform some strange experiments with your fake collision test again using a variety of dangerous weapons to complete all the good achievements. In this Ragdoll game, you have to unlock all achievements. Complete achievements when you test an arsenal on ragdoll test objects. You can do this by testing all your weapons. Start by placing mines, spikes and jumping strategically and press the Play button to see if you can do good damage. Ragdoll doesn’t feel any pain or anything so be sure to destroy it to the best of your ability, cause damage and be mercilessly using all the weapons at your disposal. Remember to upgrade your weapons and buy new ones when you earn money.
In the Ragdoll Ach Achement 2 game, you have the opportunity to make fun of the cloth doll in all possible ways. Here you use different objects and tools, such as spikes, trampolines and even mines. Apply everything you want and discover a world of new possibilities. Put different weapons to test on an unfortunate fake to earn achievements. Test different weapons like mines, spikes, crossbows and more on ragdolls. Trying to earn all the achievements will give you money and upgrade points.

How to play Ragdoll Achievement 2

This game is only played with mouse.
Use the mouse to place weapons on the screen, and press the Play button to launch each simulation.