Raze 4 Game

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Raze 4 HTML5

Raze 4

Raze 4

Raze 4 is finally back and better than ever. Improved with more excitement, more achievements, more levels and more options to customize, you are sure to invest hours of exciting gameplay. Shoot down your opponents to win a lot of gold. What were you waiting for. Enjoy it now.
Raze 4 is a flashnstorming game, futuristic, shoot them based on a flash platform. It gives players a heroic role as a task force to roam the earth with the challenge of eliminating creepy aliens like zombies. Players are equipped with absolute plethora weapons including rockets ready for battle against the invasion of zombies. The zombie aliens are determined to destroy the world, and the player is tasked with saving it. Players need to have accurate shooting skills by running, dodging, jumping, weaving and jet-throwing each level in a cruel battle strategy.
Like previous versions, this specific game includes the Human mode as well as the Alien mode. However, Raze 4 also includes a new Zombie mode. Fight the right way through human and aliens mode to unlock Zombie mode. Kill all opponents to complete achievements and earn a lot of gold. Use precious metals to upgrade your weapons and get new equipment.

How to play Raze 4

- Arrows to move
– Space bar to jump
– Left mouse button to shoot