Reach The Core Game

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Reach The Core HTML5

Reach The Core

Reach The Core

Reach The Core is an addictive mining game brought to you by Two robots travel through space. Suddenly they ran out of energy. There is a planet with necessary plasma nearby. But to get it, they need to reach the core!
You must have the energy to make the jump, but you have found some plasma on a nearby planet. You have to reach its core to get it. Good luck in your quest to reach the core!
Your ship has a problem and you run out of fuel! How would you make it out of this filthy planet? Well, if you manage your resources properly and harness the power of your working technology, you might just be able to dive into the center of the planet and steal every step of the way. Will need to repair your hull and refuel your ship
After trying to ‘jump’ from another planet, your ship finally ran out of plasma. Unfortunately, the only planet that has access to a plasma is its core. Prepare your mining tool, without second thoughts, you begin your mission to reach the core and have enough plasma to jump. Collect various elements to upgrade your ship so you can power the hull, fuel, shield and other aspects of the machine. Your survival depends on your ability to successfully overcome this distant earth.

How to play Reach The Core

Keys A, D: Turn the excavator left or right. You will want to avoid white stone objects, they subtract from the hull of your ship. There are also other subjects eating up fuel. Remember that you are trying to go as deep as possible.
Jump into your drill and arrive at the center of this alien planet. Use the arrow keys or W and D to turn your drill. Harvest minerals to buy upgrades and unlock new drilling equipment in the store. Spend wisely!