Red Ball 4 Volume 2 Game

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Red Ball 4 Volume 2 HTML5

Red Ball 4 Volume 2

Red Ball 4 Volume 2

Red Ball 4 Volume 2 is the second part of the 4th installment in the Red Ball series. The challenging new version will take you to strange types of lands and traps. This is an attractive intellectual adventure game, suitable for all types of players, both entertaining and training for the brain very well.
There is a square guy who wants to cause trouble again for the red balls. Your task in the game Red Ball 4 Volume 2 is to stop him, so he does not cause too much harm. He took away the friends of the red ball and locked them away so now our lovely hero is on a mission to save his beloved friends. You must go through the forest and avoid the black squares he goes through to complete each level to prevent evil squares from invading the world. Enjoy many completely new and exciting levels for you to try. Move the red ball with your arrow keys. Along the way, you must collect as many stars as possible. Use jungle items such as rolling logs to destroy red squares and use branches to move around. This side-scrolling platform game is loads of fun that you’ve earned regret for playing at any second. Be careful and watch out for angular messers. Jump over the chainsaw and complete the levels to get closer to completing the mission of saving your friends. Crush the squares on the way to win.
Features of the game Red Ball 4 Volume 2:
• Many levels
• New obstacles like chainsaws
• 3 networks for each level

How to play game Red Ball 4 Volume 2

Use the arrow keys or key ADSW to move/ Jump the red ball to his target and make sure to knock down all the stars along the way. Watch out for the bad guys! It’s good to jump on them.