Red Ball 4 Volume 3 Game

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Red Ball 4 Volume 3 HTML5

Red Ball 4 Volume 3

Red Ball 4 Volume 3

Red Ball 4 Volume 3 is a fun adventure game for kids that promises to bring excitement to the player by the funny but no less challenging.
The red balls are being attacked by square demons. They will turn the ball into a square just like them. Therefore, you will have to help the round balls escape from the factory that is transforming them. This is not simple, because the factory room distribution system is extremely dense and many square demons are guarding it. You will have to overcome deep holes, stamping machines, laser machines, exploding demons, … to be able to escape. Navigate the red ball bouncing through deadly gaps, overcome difficult laser beams and other dangerous traps as you try to gain a control point after another to advance. And after destroying the boss of the factory, you will save your fellow humans. Try through challenging levels and come up against the evil squares! Try to collect as many stars as possible to raise your score.
Simple but very interesting game. Very funny pictures are lively. The obstacles in the game are also relatively easy to overcome. Games with gentle style will make you feel very excited, especially the children will be very excited when participating in this game. Relaxation and fun entertainment will be brought to you by the game when you play after hours of work, study fatigue, stress. Some levels also challenge the intellect of how to overcome the level, which is also unique and unique in the game.

Feature of Red Ball 4 Volume 3

• Three lives for each level
• Different levels to unlock
• Many different stars to collect and obstacles to avoid

How to play the game Red Ball 4 Volume 3

Use your arrow keys to roll the red ball around and complete the challenging levels by running, dodging and jumping.