Red Ball 4 Game

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Red Ball 4 HTML5

Red Ball 4

Red Ball 4

Red Ball 4 is one of the intellectual games. Only a mere 60 screens but Red Ball 4 can make veteran gamers “crazy” because they can not push the ball over obstacles.
Your task in the game Red Ball 4 is to push a moving ball from one position to another position to overcome complicated obstacles such as deep pits, mounds, wooden bridges or containers blocking the way, Red Ball 4 seems to have become one of the brain-damaging games challenging every hardcore game.
Red Ball 4 also follows a platform game style, also known as a platform game, the gameplay is quite similar to Mario or Lep’s World but instead of cartoon characters, in this game, you will control a colored ball. red with a very funny face. The game takes the idea of a magical world – where the residents are round balls living together very happy. However, one day, suddenly a dark force, headed by the evil “square” evil threatens to invade this land and turn the “residents” of the ball into a square-like he was informed. through an extremely modern machine. This monster even plots to make the Earth “deform” into a square and gradually expand to the universe.
With unique storylines, backgrounds, color schemes, graphics, sound effects, characters and challenges are also diversified. Therefore, when playing Red Ball 4, you do not get bored because of the repetitive task sequence or “one song forever” soundtrack like other popular genre games.
In terms of gameplay, although throughout the game is the task of pushing the red ball forward, collecting yellow stars on the way and gradually progressing to the monster’s lair to destroy them, Red Ball 4 also Take players on adventure extremely interesting, eye-catching with the beauty of the green steppe, the vast sky or the gentle flowing river. Certainly, you will love the beautiful ball and the game world with this dream.

Feature of the game Red Ball 4

- Adventure in the magical game world with red balls.
– 60 challenging levels.
– 4 intriguing episodes: green hills, deep forests, box factory and the battle on the Moon.
– Collect gold, conquer as many levels as possible to unlock new costumes for the ball.
– Optimizing physical factors, the game runs smoothly, less lag.
– High-quality graphics, funny sound effects.
– Supports the HID controller and Android TV.
– Integrated achievements table.

How to play game Red Ball 4

Control a red ball with the WASD or arrow keys as you try to beat the evil squares in this cute side-scrolling platform with puzzles to solve, and show some awesome physics when you bounce around.