Red Ball 5 Game

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Red Ball 5 HTML5

Red Ball 5

Red Ball 5

Red Ball 5 is the fifth part of the Red Ball series of adventure games with fun content designed with new ideas that have created a great attraction for players. This game has 30 levels.
In part 5, we will continue to join the red ball to join a new adventure. This time, the red ball strayed into a land of evil one-eyed monsters. How to find the way home now? Let’s play the Red Ball Adventure 5 game and give the red ball a hand.
Your mission in the game Red Ball 5 is to help the red ball overcome obstacles and find a door. Help the red ball jump over obstacles and collect lots of stars. Don’t touch the monocular monsters or you will lose your life. Many difficult challenges are waiting for you in this adventure.
Your goal is to activate the portal at the end of each level to complete the level. To activate the portal, you must collect a certain number of stars, scattered across the level. You can see the number of stars you need to collect in the upper right corner of the screen. Some stars will be easy to collect. Others will rest on higher platforms or behind locked doors that will ask you to solve some puzzles to reach. At each level, you can also find a hidden treasure chest. The paths to these hidden chests are hidden until you get close to them, so you should better check every corner of the level. There are also enemies in each level that you can avoid or defeat. Stay away from horned enemies as they will damage the Red Ball on contact, but the hornless variants can be killed by jumping on them. Pay attention to your life in the upper left corner of the screen. Once you go through 3 lives, you will lose the game. Also keep track of time limits, because you have to complete each level before time runs out. Plan your actions carefully and try to complete every level with 3 stars.

Feature of Red Ball 5

- 30 different levels
– Colorful 2D graphics
– Solve puzzles to solve
– Different types of enemies
How to play the game Red Ball 5
Use the Arrow keys or WASD to move.