Red Ball Game

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Red Ball HTML5

Red Ball

Red Ball

Red Ball is a smashing platform game. This is the first game in the epic red ball series where you are required to guide a little round red ball on his mission. He needs your help to get through obstacles and overcome the challenges in each level of the game. In this platform game, you are to keep red ball alive as he makes his way through every level of the game collecting coins and stars. He must collect all the stars in each level to unlock the next one and he could seriously use your help not getting blown out, he may be a small red ball, but he has a lot of fire in him! As the player, you try to complete 12 different levels, each filled with various deadly traps and mechanisms. He must complete so help him evade them and move to the next round. Jump from platform to platform, bounce on items and stay away from sharper edges! There are axes and spikes waiting to prick your soft skin but your skills and bouncing abilities will help you sail past them effortlessly.
Time your actions and keep your eye on your surroundings. You’ll never know what to expect in this addictive game. If you enjoy action and arcade games, why not check our collection of similar games? Have a great time with our games!

How to play Red Ball

Control a red ball with WASD or arrow keys as you quest to defeat the evil squares in this cute side-scrolling platformer with puzzles to solve, and which shows off some great physics as you bounce around.