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Red Warrior HTML5

Red Warrior

Red Warrior

Red Warrior – Help the Red Warrior save his friends through a challenging problem-solving adventure. But wait, there’s a change (or flipping) for this game! To solve the puzzles, you will need to flip or reflect the world to succeed. This adventure is a little brain teaser!
First appeared in “Gundam Warrior Training Challenge” episode 11, Gundam’s great Red Warrior impressed, and this is in Master Class form! It is equipped with a bazooka gun, saber, handgun, rifle and rifle bullets, Gatling guns, and two pilot characters (one sitting and one standing). Cast in red, dark red, white, yellow and dark gray, it has a foil sticker and seals for the signs.
Built by Meijin Kawaguchi for its own use, the Great Red Warrior is a customized version of the “Red Warrior” Perfect Gundam III “Red Warrior” featured in the Plamo-Kyoshiro comics.
Mounted on its head, the pair of firearms weapons had a high rate of fire but little power. However, they can do damage to light armored areas such as sensors and are ideal for intercepting incoming missiles or enemy units at close range.

How to play Red Warrior

Free citizens from the cages in each level. Use your arrow keys to move and jump, and swap positions with your mirror image with the Z or X keys. Collect all gems and stars for more points!
The weapons mounted on the left of the backpack can be changed to meet the needs of various battles, and this allows the suit to be highly adaptable. The combination of Gunpla’s high levels of completion and Meijin’s excellent control skills have made Gundam’s excellent Red Warrior a formidable enemy to any opponent.
Shield – Placed on the left forearm, this shield is small to hold the weight of the suit down. Despite its small size, it can still serve as an effective defense device thanks to Meijin’s high pilot skills. A pair of Vulcan guns were mounted on the underside of the shield.