Revolution Idle 2 Game

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Revolution Idle 2 HTML5

Revolution Idle 2

Revolution Idle 2

Revolution Idle 2 is a game for those who want to kill time. Your goal in this game is to make as many rounds as possible. Just wait for the circle to complete the cycle and increase the number of cycles needed to upgrade its speed, the circle will run automatically and so on. When you reach a sufficiently large number of revolutions, you can unlock a new circle color to multiply the number of revolutions per cycle. The faster the speed, the more revs, so the more you upgrade and the more you will benefit.
This game has no limit on playing time, the longer you play, the more circles you create and the bigger your score.
Revolution Idle game seems simple but very attractive, helping players relieve stress, fatigue after a long time of studying and working.
Revolution Idle helps players learn patience and is the best entertainment game for all ages.
The game is currently very popular with all types of objects such as adults and children. The game is also constantly being improved based on player feedback and needs. As a simple click game follower, you cannot ignore this game.
You can become the best player and top of the rankings by participating in lots of games and buying lots of upgrades. Play to surpass yourself and all other players. Share your results on social media and challenge other players and your friends.
The game is completely free, so you don’t have to pay anything when downloading this game or when playing online.

How to play Revolution Idle 2

Revolution Idle 2 is played by left clicking to buy upgrades, which will make the number of rounds created more. In addition to this game, at our site there are many other interesting games, if you like, join this game and many other games. Wish you have a good time playing game at our site.