Riddle School 3 Game

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Riddle School 3 HTML5

Riddle School 3

Riddle School 3

Riddle School 3 is the third installment of Riddle School – an interesting Point and Click game for you to explore. Riddle school 3 is entertaining and can be played by children of all ages.
In this video game, you play the role of Phil Eggert – a student who is tired of his Geography class. Now he also tries to find a way to escape from his school. At the beginning of the game, you will be in a classroom. You get bored and you have to leave the classroom. However, you need to pass your teacher.
In Riddle School 3, your task is to help Phil escape the classroom and ultimately the school. Some of the main objects you need to escape are scattered about the school and finding them is not an easy task. You play by guiding Phil through many tricks and methods that he will have to use to pass the teacher and escape his classroom and finally the school’s base in this great click game this. Leaving school will not be as easy as your usual indiscriminate game, there are many things you need to use in your mission to escape and they are thrown indiscriminately throughout the school. Help Phil find hidden objects in clear vision and give him freedom from chores and boring teachers.
After leaving the class, you will be in a corridor with many red arrows, each arrow has a different map. You will have to go to other classes, libraries, toilets … to gather information.

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Riddle School 3 allows you to interact with surrounding games, such as talking to unplayable characters, picking up and using items. Items you have successfully collected will appear in your Inventory. Some items can be combined with others to create a perfect complication. When it’s time to use an item, you’ll be able to drag it to where you need it.

How to play Riddle School 3

Use a computer mouse and only left click.