Riddle School 4 Game

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Riddle School 4 HTML5

Riddle School 4

Riddle School 4

Riddle School 4 is the fourth game in the Riddle School series – a really interesting and engaging video game. Riddle School 4 game is not only unique but also very addictive. This game is one of the famous series and you need to take advantage of everything you can find.
Phil and his friends are attending Mr. Munch’s class (math teacher). Classes are quite boring, so you can decide to hide. However, while you are thinking, Mr. Munch has pressed a secret button and you have fallen into a black hole.
Your task in the Riddle School 4 game is to help Phil try to escape Mr.Munch’s trap or you’ll continue to explore other attractions around the school area. All you have to do is click on the objects and pay attention to the feedback given by your character as well as other characters in the game. You need to observe all objects to know what they are and what they can be used for. But, when you try to do anything, Mr. Munch pushes a secret button and throws you into a very deep lava field beneath the school. You will be able to interact with anything you see on the game screen, such as unplayable characters, class objects and even more. You can discover many interesting elements in the game world of Riddle School. The game gives you permission to enjoy the exciting gameplay of Riddle School 4 the way you like it.

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How to play game Riddle School 4

Use the computer mouse cursor and click anywhere you can interact.