Riddle School 5 Game

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Riddle School 5 HTML5

Riddle School 5

Riddle School 5

Riddle School 5 is another great point and click video game. This video game focuses on puzzle elements. Riddle School 5 will make you love it from the beginning of the game because of the sensitive controls. Unlike the first four editions in the same series, Riddle School 5 brings a darker theme in which the main character is currently locked up and overseen by mysterious people.
In Riddle School 5, Phil was kidnapped by a group of aliens who threatened the existence of Earth. At the beginning of the game, you will be in a room with a locked door.
Your mission in the game Riddle School 5 is to help Phil escape from an alien spaceship. You will have to click on any object on the map to try to escape. Whenever something the protagonist wants you to know about being touched, a converter box will appear on the screen to give you clues. Search the mysterious area where you are being held and use all the objects you meet to help you put an end to their plans once and for all! Combine common items into more useful tools and save the planet Earth.
You can use vents to exit. Do not forget to collect the screws for use in the next situation. The collected items are located in your Inventory, so feel free to drag them wherever you want around the screen.
Tips and tricks:
You will need the help of a tutorial video when starting the game because it may seem a little difficult for beginners. Then you can discover everything well because you are now accustomed to catching up on clues.

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How to play game Riddle School 5

Use the mouse pointer and click the items / characters you see on the screen