Riddle School 6 Game

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Riddle School 6 HTML5

Riddle School 6

Riddle School 6

Riddle School 6 is the latest version from the Riddle School adventure series. Coming to this version, you will reach the peak of excitement with game lovers.
In the game Riddle School 6, aliens threaten the existence of the world.
Your task in Riddle School 6 is to solve basic puzzles to uncover secrets in the classroom, and escape from high school, just like any student can do if it doesn’t cause it. serious consequences. This Riddle School has difficult situations and mysterious twists. There is a great story section at the beginning. Your job is to help Phil leave school. Collect items in your inventory and use them to facilitate your escape. You can not ignore these but can accelerate with quick mouse clicks. Having a currency under evil will be very helpful for you in the same period. Go through each room while collecting items and revealing secrets. Build your inventory and use the map to plan an escape. Control him so well that he can win spectacularly and convince everyone immediately.

How to play game Riddle School 6

Use the mouse to play games.