Riddle School Game

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Riddle School HTML5

Riddle School

Riddle School

Riddle School is one of the most exciting entertainment games available today, this is an interesting playground for puzzles. With a simple interface, interesting gameplay and challenging puzzles, the game promise to bring you interesting experiences.
In Riddle School, you play a boy who is trapped in a boring classroom and you want to escape from here. Your task is to help the boy escape this classroom by exploring classes and using items. You have to interact with different objects in classrooms and corridors and try to fool and confuse teachers and try to leave your boring school and classroom.
There are over 500 items and more than 20 rooms in this escape game, which shows that this high school to escape the puzzle is not easy, but also shows this room escape game more addictive, like A thinking game.
Collect clues and start building a plan to escape. The game has perfect visual gaming controls for players of all ages. Find out what is needed in the room and more to make your Escape plan ready. Explore your location carefully and combine different clues to find a way out.

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Features of the game Riddle School

- High school environment, including classroom, library, dining room, etc.
– The largest and best room escape game to date, more than 20 rooms, 500 items
– Hints of personalization, help you escape
– Funny graphics in high school, easy to play
– Challenging puzzle game
– Animation graphics

How to play game Riddle School

This game has a simple click interface, interesting gameplay and challenging puzzles.
Left-click to interact with objects and characters