Riddle Transfer 2 Game

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Riddle Transfer 2 HTML5

Riddle Transfer 2

Riddle Transfer 2

Riddle Transfer 2 is the sequel puzzle game from the previous section. You should play or watch the previous section to know the full meaning of this game.
In this section, the characters are being chased in a sewer until they lock themselves in a room where their pursuers can open. They look for information transferred to the school, where they will find clues about the kidnapping. At this school, aliens come back and take over, they set traps and riddles that you must solve to free the students of the school, ending their evil plans.
You will control a character, perform your task by finding hints in the game and using them to solve puzzles to escape dangerous situations. Search for quizzes in all rooms, from classrooms, toilets, closets, etc., anywhere you can have helpful signs. Touch on the object and it will show the request for you, fulfill those requirements and continue to go to other rooms. Help your character destroy all aliens and become the hero of liberation for everyone at school.
There are many rooms with many puzzles in this game, each with specific instructions and very nearby clues. The puzzle level in this section will be much more interesting and interesting than the previous one. And there will be more danger.
The game will help you experience the feeling of being a talented detective, and will help you have moments of relaxation very comfortable and fun.
This game is suitable for all ages, you can play online or download to play.

How to play Riddle Transfer 2

Riddle Transfer 2 is played via mouse control. You just need to left click on the objects and people in the game to execute them. Our website has been updated with lots of new and interesting games, you can play this game or participate in other interesting games with your friends.