Riddle Transfer Game

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Riddle Transfer HTML5

Riddle Transfer

Riddle Transfer

Riddle Transfer is a puzzle adventure game in which you will try to solve mysteries to escape from Region 5.1.
The story begins when Riddle School 5 ends. After an exciting journey wandering in space, Phil can wait to return to his alien friends! But ending the journey is only the beginning of a chain of troubles! Poor Phil, can he survive this time and what awaits him. In the game you play the role of Phil, you and your four alien friends are imprisoned by humankind. You are a human who fights against a devil named Zed who wants to destroy the world. However, you succeed in your mission and on your way back to earth. But secret agents arrest you and your friends and lock you up in their building. You will have to use your actual intelligence to find the exit. Remember that you need to take advantage of various tools to run away and save your friends.
Your task in the Riddle Transfer game is to try to escape and save your friends, but this adventure is not the end, you will find many new tests of ingenuity and logical thinking. You have an archive and you may find something useful to click to use it later. Help the aliens escape from the human base to go home! You will have to find clues while moving through each room. Use the objects around you to unlock the dungeon. Discover the secret while escaping!

How to play game Riddle Transfer

This game is played entirely by mouse. Use mouse to interact and click to view labeled objects