Robo Trobo Game

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Robo Trobo HTML5

Robo Trobo

Robo Trobo

Robo Trobo is a problem solving game for children of all ages. Children will need to guide Robo through complex puzzles to complete the various levels. Have fun and think outside the box!
Can you help a cute robot complete all 14 levels of Robo Trobo? Use YOUR MOUSE to play this game.
Robo Trobo needs to continue through the building but his path is blocked by all the damage. It is up to you to guide him in his repair. Use logic and reasoning to determine what needs fixing. How many levels can you overcome?
The robot is very handy and can fix everything on its way. You open the door to other parts of the game. Be careful not to let him fall into the trap. Only when you click on objects to start moving lifting mechanisms and more.
Robots are the order of the day in this new game. We all love robots, I mean they fairly made to help make our lives easier in every sense of the word so that’s exactly what they quite here to do In this game. In this game, will help you pass all the levels and win the game. Your avatar is a cute little robot that has to get through 14 levels to complete the game. This game doesn’t need so many instructions to play and created a straightforward game, effectively so much fun you will get the hang of it in no time

How to play Robo Trobo

Help Robo reach the flag in each level. Use YOUR MOUSE to drag levers, crank and solve puzzles to help him get there! Click Robo to make him move.
Click play to start. Click or touch the robot to make him move or stop. The arrow in the upper right corner will change the direction of Robo. To fix something, just stop in front of it and look for hints! The level ends when Robo Trobo passes the red flag.