Rocking Sky Trip Game

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Rocking Sky Trip HTML5

Rocking Sky Trip

Rocking Sky Trip

Rocking Sky Trip is an endless running game. Your task is to control the ball rolling through the obstacles and finish safely.
There are four different levels to play, each quite wide and you may find it difficult to get started. Each level has a different arrangement between obstacles so that players always feel new, not boring and interested in playing.
The fast-paced game with many obstacles is denser at the next level so your reaction must be really quick. Obstacles include moving platforms, swaying hammers, large gaps that you have to jump over. You must overcome all obstacles, try to collect all the gems on your way as a challenge, don’t touch anything, or you will lose your life.
On your side, the ball automatically rolls forward and you just have to focus on moving the ball to the left and right will help you pass it all. Maintain fast speed and keep your eyes forward to anticipate obstacles.
Although this game has a fast-paced, many unexpected obstacles, just try a few times, when you find the rules you can overcome very easily.
This game is both free and suitable for all players so it is very well received in many places.
Manufacturers are always trying to improve and upgrade the game to have a better version that suits the needs of the user, so you should leave the mode to update the version itself when downloading to mobile devices to be Play the latest versions.

How to play Rocking Sky Trip

Rocking Sky Trip is a very simple game, just use AD or left / right arrows to move the ball to the left or right to avoid obstacles. Although simple, it requires the player to have a flexible reaction, good visibility to get the highest results in this game. Wish you happy gaming.