Rogue Soul 2 Game

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Rogue Soul 2 HTML5

Rogue Soul 2

Rogue Soul 2

Rogue Soul 2 is an extremely attractive adventure game that combines hostage rescue battles.
The game has many levels, each level is a place on the map you need to conquer. The first levels will be simpler, maybe there are only a few enemies, along with a few wooden sticks, the next levels will increase in difficulty, more enemies will appear, along with many wooden sticks, a lot of obstacles, and sections of roads gouged out …
You need to choose how to control it before you start your adventure. You can run, jump, slide, dodge, fight enemies according to your own, as long as you survive to the end and unlock the next level. You will move and fight on your long way and do not let anything stop you. Objects can be rocks, can be soldiers, can be wooden slats … You automatically move forward, if there are obstacles and the rear screen is rolled up, you will lose. network, so you can run really fast to avoid any obstructions. There are many vehicles to help you move quickly, there are many weapons for you to take and kill enemies, there are many gold coins you can collect, and there are hostages trapped in cages you need to rescue. . For example, when you come to a wooden board with a gap in the bottom, you need to slide through it, when you come to a mushroom, you can jump on it to pop, or to a container with many weapons, you need to Grab the weapons in it … and there are many interesting things waiting for you in this game.
This game requires quick improvisation to overcome obstacles and rescue hostages will bring you excitement while playing.


How to play Rogue Soul 2

Rogue Soul 2 will bring you exciting, extremely attractive and definitely addictive adventures, it is played through the following keys:
Method 1: Arrow keys to move
Z to slide
X to get weapons, fight.
Method 2:
W, A, S, D to move
J to slide
K to get weapons, fight.