Rogue Soul 3 Game

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Rogue Soul 3 HTML5

Rogue Soul 3

Rogue Soul 3

Rogue Soul 3 is an extremely exciting hostage fighting battle game.
You will control a Roman warrior moving forward, flying up, jumping down, sliding, tumbling and destroying enemies along the way and overcoming obstacles. At the same time you must always move so that the screen on the left is not obstructed, if it passes you will lose your life.
Roman warriors who go through different lands and help the poor and weak, rescue the hostages being captured by enemies and are located in different positions in the forest. You need to find the enemies hiding somewhere in the forest, kill them all and rescue all the citizens.
You can get weapons on the move to kill enemies or you can upgrade your skills in the game, you can even get new weapons and skills.
Collect gold coins to unlock new skins and new weapons. Each level has specific missions, you need to complete all the side quests in the level to get all 3 stars and use it to buy useful things in the game store.
Your enemies with large numbers of people and weapons, are located everywhere in the forest, from simple weapons to modern weapons such as guns, mines …
The game is completely free to play and is compatible with most devices, so you can play anywhere, anytime.
The game is also suitable for all players.
With friendly interface, beautiful characters and fast-paced, the game will bring players a lot of excitement.

How to play Rogue Soul 3

Rogue Soul 3 is an extremely attractive game, the controls are as follows:
P: Use Parachute
F: Slide
G: Use Dagger
Arrow keys: Move
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