Rogue Soul Game

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Rogue Soul HTML5

Rogue Soul

Rogue Soul

Rogue Soul is a Roman warrior fighting game with dangerous enemy forces in a large forest. Your task is to control the Roman warriors moving through different lands, rescuing hostages and destroying enemies.
Your warrior has the ability to soar, jump, slide, acrobatics and kill enemies along the way and overcome obstacles. At the same time you must always move so that the screen on the left is not obstructed, if you are blocked, you will lose your life.
Search for hostages being imprisoned somewhere in the mysterious forest and destroy the enemies with weapons you have obtained along the way or you upgrade. Picking up a dagger that you can throw at enemies and picking up umbrellas will help you soar and clear huge ditches, you can also make a double jump by collecting flowers and giving them to her. girl.
Collect gold coins to unlock new skins and a host of new weapons to give you the power to fight enemies. You can also increase bonuses as you jump over or slide under obstacles, dodge attacks, kill enemies and collect treasures.
Complete all the side quests in the level to get all 3 stars and use it to buy useful stuff in the game store, you will have lots of levels to play.
Your enemies with large numbers of people and weapons, arranged everywhere in the forest will try to destroy you.
The game is completely free to play, suitable for all types of players and compatible with most devices so you can play anywhere, anytime.
This fast paced game, lively sound and beautiful interface will bring you exciting experiences.

How to play Rogue Soul

Rogue Soul is an extremely attractive game, the controls are as follows:
Up arrow key to jump.
Down arrow key to drop down.
Arrow keys Left / Right to run back / forward.
D to use though.
F to slide
G to use a dagger.