Rollercoaster Rush Game

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Rollercoaster Rush HTML5

Rollercoaster Rush

Rollercoaster Rush

Rollercoaster Rush is the most popular free roller coaster game with the addictive ability for all types of players. Developed from a very simple idea that is the roller coaster game that we often see in outdoor recreation areas, Rollercoaster Rush attracts players by smart race design, adventure In every journey and cute cartoon graphics, gives you hours of engaging but challenging entertainment.
Free Rollercoaster Rush game offers 3 unique types of racing. You can upgrade to the paid version to explore 70 diverse roller coasters in the game, travel through many countries like USA, France, Australia … The race will be repeated many times with the spectacular jumps, high slopes, sudden changes and other secrets are waiting for players to discover.
Take part in many super-fast laps in Rollercoaster Rush to unlock new tracks and get a 5-star rating for each spin. The speed will increase steadily, the opportunity to score more points and obstacles will become more and more diverse, which is why Rollercoaster Rush never makes you bored. 15 levels of roller coaster control. Don’t go too fast or you can fly off the track.
If you love thrilling and adventurous games, play Rollercoaster Rush now to participate in breathtaking races with friends. Conquer diverse races in the game to travel through many beautiful cities around the world and have fun entertainment.

How to play Rollercoaster Rush

Use arrow keys to move