Rolling Hero 2 Game

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Rolling Hero 2 HTML5

Rolling Hero 2

Rolling Hero 2

Rolling Hero 2 is the second part of the fun puzzle game. Rotate your level to get coins, gems and keys to the gate. When you were little, you had a ball and the game was that you needed to put the ball in the hole by shooting. Rolling Hero 2 was developed based on a new dimension from this idea.
Evil Redman has kidnapped our hero’s girlfriend and you will have to reverse the world to find her. Scroll through scorching snow and volcanoes, rotate each level to solve puzzles and lead our spherical hero to every portal. Go through four unique levels from the idyllic jungle world to the red hot Lava world filled with traps to find your loved one. Turn every level, using simple contact-based controls. Use switches, mixes, gravity and other things to control your character and lead him through the dangers. Collect manuscripts spread across 48 levels to unlock the fifth world.
Get ready to roll, lose weight and plan well. The second part of Rolling Hero 2 with new and challenging obstacles. The principle is simple, just turn the level and the right direction so you can move the bright yellow ball to the time gate, avoid obstacles and get ready for the next round. Some obstacles that may be encountered are: skewers, camels and fire. Complete 30 levels of Rolling Hero 2 in the fastest time with the highest score.

How to play Rolling Hero 2

Use left and right keys to play