Rolling Hero Game

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Rolling Hero HTML5

Rolling Hero

Rolling Hero

Rolling Hero is a free puzzle puzzle game. In this game, the hero must pass the maze to the last level so he can save his girlfriend from monsters. Use your logic and strategic thinking skills to get the wheel out of the way.
Redman has kidnapped the girlfriend of the wheel and he has to get her back. Traveling without any physical means can make things a bit more difficult. The hero in Rolling Hero has absolutely no ability to move on his own, so the player must rotate the entire level around him to make everything move. Touch the left side of the screen to scroll left, scroll right to right, and bring the small yellow wheel to the exit as gameplan. Of course there are also a variety of dangers to avoid along the way.
How to play of Rolling Hero simple but unique. Go to the exit, collect all the scattered flowers everywhere, avoid all dead traps, grab the key to unlock the exit and collect the clock to add more time-consuming time.
This is not an extremely deep game, but Rolling Hero brings a lot of fun. It can be a great way to kill your free time. However, that was certainly an interesting distraction.

How to play Rolling Hero

Use the left and right arrow keys to rotate in the game and move the hero through the maze to the exit