Rookie Bowman Game

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Rookie Bowman HTML5

Rookie Bowman

Rookie Bowman

Rookie Bowman is a platformer game with collectibles, boss fights, secret rooms, special abilities and more.
Game story: A man finds a special bow in the cave and when he holds the bow, it causes a booby trap. The man fell deep into the cave. He needs to find a way out of the cave using the bow and arrow.
Help him overcome various obstacles and defeat many champions in the mysterious dungeon. Use your special bow power to help you overcome difficult areas.
Adventure platform game with boss battles, collectibles, secret rooms and more. It’s about a man trying to find a bow in a cave.

How to play Rookie Bowman

Basic controls: To move, the left and right arrow keys, the up arrow key to jump, the space to shoot the arrow and the down arrow key to teleport to the arrow.
Use the arrow keys or WASD to move and jump. Press SPACEBAR to charge your arrow and release to shoot. After you fire an arrow, press DOWN or S to teleport to it instantly. You also use the spacebar to activate the lever. Search everywhere to find the secret room with the legendary power.
A few obstacles get in your way, but soon, a bow will be within reach of the player. By collecting a bow, you will collapse the entrance of the cave and activate a slightly longer “scene” than the first words spoken in the game. A strange spherical drone will fly in from the right and start talking to the man, who remains anonymous until now.