Rotate and Roll Game

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Rotate and Roll HTML5

Rotate and Roll

Rotate and Roll

Rotate and Roll is a fun game for kids of all ages combining puzzles with physics. The goal of the game is to roll the ball (s) to the exit bubble to get to the next level. Some levels require you to collect a star to activate the exit bubble. Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to rotate the level. Children will love this family-friendly challenge.
Try to merge small balls with big blue bubbles. Rotate the wood strategically to move the ball. Avoid touching the wicked black balls and try not to fall. If the bubble is on the dark side, use the star to bring it back to normal first.
Children use their fingers to tilt or rotate platforms in different worlds to avoid pointed obstacles and collect stars to reach their destination – a bubble portal that takes them to the level of play next. If the ball falls off the platform, it disappears into space with the sound of a distant scream, and children can replay that level. If they hit one of the pointed balls, the attempt ends and they can replay the level.

How to play Rotate and Roll

Use the arrow keys to rotate the level around to help the balls escape, the R key to reset the level. Comes with level editor. All about gravity, folks! Take your happy little balloon to the big one, but don’t fall, and don’t hit the spiky guys. Many levels, many, many levels.
In each level, you need to rotate the “game board” to make gravity move and make small ball characters roll safely to the exit. However, it is easy to move into space, if you do not rotate and rotate at the right time and speed. Challenging elements can hinder younger children, but there’s nothing to worry about the content.