Rubble Trouble New York Game

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Rubble Trouble New York HTML5

Rubble Trouble New York

Rubble Trouble New York

Rubble Trouble New York is the ultimate online physics puzzle destruction game that we are happy to share with you here today. A game where we guarantee really great time for everyone.
Rubble Trouble New York puts you back behind destroyed balls with the only crew that will not have insurance to touch. After the good work you managed in the last game, the crew was sent to the bright metropolis of Tokyo to do what they did best to escape the old buildings, condemned with flare-up style. explosive. Of course, your workers don’t spend a lot of time fed up with boring nitro, and before you know it has giant mechanical lizards, choppas, grabs, and more. Can you do your destructive work and make your money without causing any property damage?
Use all the bombs, machines, cannons and other items that you must handle properly so that you destroy buildings and structures at each level, as well as eliminate everyone around you. . The way you get points is simple: the more destruction you create, the greater your score will be and we affirm that you want a big point, don’t you.
There’s a lot to like about Rubble Trouble Tokyo, from great, engaging soundtracks to colorful, detailed environments. New games at your disposal are smart and creative, and often really entertaining to watch.
Rubble Trouble Tokyo is a fun, explosive, beautifully conceived mini game that will appeal to fans of the original with destructive appetite.

How to play Rubble Trouble New York

Use the mouse to play