Run Ninja Run 3 Game

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Run Ninja Run 3 HTML5

Run Ninja Run 3

Run Ninja Run 3

Run Ninja Run 3 is an online flash game where you must take on the role of a real crazy ninja. Are you ready to participate in this stress game? So why wait? Try checking your ninja reflexes and face new barriers and obstacles.
This is the third game in the amazing series about running Ninja. Again, your main task in the game is just running and running, avoiding obstacles and enemies. Jump, slide and dash to get rid of your enemies as you play as a ninja!
Try your best to survive. Your task is to run fast, jump over obstacles, collect treasures, avoid being captured by enemies. Use all the ninja skills you have learned from your training in this new runner game, Run Ninja Run 3.
If you’re smart enough, it won’t be a real hassle to avoid fashion movements. Try to defeat the fate of your opponent at all different difficulty levels. This is a normal game with an extraordinary ninja character, one day in trouble and decided to run away from it. Try to defeat the guards and run as fast as possible to achieve the main goal worthy of your life. You need to flee as quickly as possible, at the same time, overcome various obstacles as well as enemies.

How to play Run Ninja Run 3

Use Up arrow key to jump, Down arrow to slide, Space bar to attack, hold left mouse button to activate shiled, right click to throw smoke bombs.
Wait for the right time to make a jump and even squat. Try not to fall and get caught, otherwise you’ll have to start everything from scratch, which is a great mainstream for professionals, who are always expecting something new to cause adrenaline rush. in your body.